Hvorfor er Grundahl ikke en del af vores brandnavn?

Why isn't Grundahl part of our brand name?

Apr 18, 2023Anne Grundahl

Why is our brand called LINEA G and not LINEA GRUNDAHL? 🤔

Our surname, Grundahl, is well and recognized in the clothing industry. Our uncle knew something very special and created a brand that was ahead of its time, and a brand that still lives on in many wardrobes ♻️

He could dress women like no one else, and that is deeply inspiring ✨

Despite being proud and inspired, we have chosen to omit our surname.

The brand name can be incredibly decisive when launching a new brand. It is through the name that you must be able to read the product, the owner and the customer.

As the Grundahl name is already such a strong brand, we will quickly become the same and not be allowed to make the brand our own.

We are happy that so many people have welcomed us and our brand.

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