Ny side pƄ facebook

New page on Facebook

May 24, 2023Anne Grundahl

Marketing is paramount. Not least for an upcoming brand that would like to expand the level of knowledge šŸŒŽ

It has therefore been a huge challenge for us since November last year, when we were hacked on Facebook šŸ‘¾

Suddenly you find out how dependent you are on Meta, and at the same time how insanely difficult it is to get through to them and get some help. So frustrating and boring! šŸ¤Æ

We have not yet succeeded in getting our page open again. We have therefore been forced to open a new page.

It would mean the world if you would help us spread the word that we now have a new site šŸ«¶

If you are not yet following the page, you can find it via this link: https://www.facebook.com/lineagcphcom

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