Producing clothes will never be CO2 neutral, and it is important for us to be transparent. Here we tell you both what we do and what we can do better for a greener world.

Because we can get better – everyone can.


    Shopping wisely doesn't have to be boring, and we won't talk you out of buying a colorful printed dress.

    We want our designs to complement the other items in your wardrobe.

    At LINEA G, you buy clothes with long-term value in mind. Clothes you can put together with fast trends.

    A little is also right

    A green transition can start small. Recycle your printer paper, buy used electronics, use reusable packaging or choose freight by truck instead of air.

    These are, for example, some of the small things that we think about in our everyday life at LINEA G.

    Responsible production

    The whole problem with the production of clothes is the quantities. There are simply far too many clothes that never get a life.

    The larger quantities you produce, the cheaper it will be. The problem is that our planet is paying the price for that abundance.

    Everything LINEA G is produced in a sewing room in Lithuania, which has exceptionally accepted small orders. It has been a long journey for us to find the right ones, where quantity and quality go hand in hand.

    Local production

    As something very special, our knitwear is made in Ikast.

    The proud Jutland knitting tradition still lives on in small factories. We are lucky enough to have a fantastic collaboration with experienced and very skilled suppliers for our knitwear. It is a story in itself, all the knowledge and experience that can be told about in those factories.

    Our suppliers are the reason we proudly ship our designs with assurance of high quality and durability.

    Should it turn out that a product does not live up to our high standard – because it can happen when it is made by humans – we always make sure to find a good solution. Happy and satisfied customers are highly valued by us.

    This is what we are working towards:

    #1: To reduce the consumption of plastic.
    All our products come home in polybags, and there is only a practical, logistical choice. It simply makes it easier for us to keep track of our stock when our products are wrapped and protected.

    #2: Using more certified materials.
    The most important thing for us is to make clothes from materials that are durable. It is of course a big plus if they also have the right certifications.

    But it means more to us to produce less and better than to overproduce 10,000 T-shirts in organic cotton and throw away half.