Cousins ​​Linea Grundahl and Anne Grundahl are the two women behind the clothing brand LINEA G. We want to take the pace out of the fashion industry and give you a wardrobe without an expiration date.

Many hours are put into making a new LINEA G. Craftsmanship is at the center. Linea draws all paper patterns by hand, after which she sews the first sample and carefully selects the right material for each individual piece of clothing.

In this way, we are sure that the product is thoroughly worked out, adapted to the female body and the expression fits into our timeless universe.

Our vision is to design clothes that are highlighted time and time again - even after 25 years. Imagine designing clothes that are so timeless and durable that they can be passed on to the next generation - for us, this is the most sustainable choice you can make.

At LINEA G, we want to encourage women to buy their clothes with care. We dress the women who see the value in good quality, production in Europe and classic Danish design.

We produce based on the motto that all clothing must have a life. We do this to reduce the enormous overproduction experienced in the industry.

Our clothes must provide long-term value for you who buy them.