Cousins Linea Grundahl and Anne Grundahl are the two women behind the clothing brand LINEA G.

We are passionate about designing clothes that give you a wardrobe without an expiry date with values such as durability, craftsmanship and good design.

"People need to stop buying so many clothes. Of course we want the women out there to buy our clothes. But not at any price. They need to buy our clothes because it suits them and because they see it as part of their wardrobe for the next several years".

In reality, we just want to replace overconsumption with responsible consumption. We want to design the clothes that are used again and again, even after 25 years in your closet. Imagine designing clothes so timeless and durable that it can pass on to the next generation - for us, this is the most sustainable choice you can make.

Are you curious about what everyday life looks like for two entrepreneurs?
In the videos below, we take you around the Danish country roads, on a visit to our workshop and behind the scenes at our studio.